Ganesh III Cash & Carry Store Tenerife

Ganesh III Cash & Carry Store

Ganesh III Cash & Carry is the bazaar where you can buy souvenirs, tobacco, spirits and much more at the Oasis Shopping Centre.

In Ganesh III Cash & Carry you can buy

Ganesh III Cash & Carry are experts in all types of tobaccos and spirits of the best selling brands, where you can buy tobacco and cigars, spirits and liqueurs at the best prices.
Find in the selection of cigars and tobacco, pure Cuban cigars, pure Canary Island cigars, cigars for weddings, cigarettes and cigars from local and foreign brands of tobacco that you are looking for.
A complete stand of varied spirits for celebrations, with alcoholic drinks which are a must for your parties.
You have everything you need to buy those items that you're looking for as gifts, with souvenirs and mementos of your holiday to the island of Tenerife.

Come by and discover the Ganesh III Cash & Carry bazaar at the Oasis Shopping Centre.