At the Oasis Shopping Center you’ll find specialised shops where you can buy leading brands of sunglasses at the best prices.

You can choose from a wide variety of brands, styles and offers in men’s, women’s and children’s sunglasses and also polarised glasses.
We’ll be only too happy to advise you whenever wishing to buy a pair of sunglasses for you to pick out the glasses that you most like and which best suit the shape and factions of your face, or for choosing suitable sunglasses when buying them as a gift for someone.

Buying name-brand sunglasses

We have several shops offering sunglasses from the most prestigious brands and trademarks such us Ray Ban, Burberry or Bulgary and many more at the best available and original offers.
Make UV ray protection fashionable by using polarised sunglasses which are glare-free and provide total protection and reduce eye fatigue. And you can also buy these sunglasses at Oasis Shopping Center stores.

Sunglasses as gifts

If you’re visiting Tenerife with family or friends, you may need a pair of suitable sunglasses that suit your needs and lifestyle. We’ll be only too happy to advise in choosing the sunglass that you most like and which best suit you or the person for whom you’re buying the sunglasses as a gift.
Remember that when giving someone sunglasses as a gift, you’re not only giving a fashionable gift but you’re also helping to protect the eyes of the person receiving them
Sunglasses have become a key element in protecting the eyes from damage caused by ultraviolet rays and its negative effects.