Costume Jewellery

Discover a wide variety of men’s and women’s costume jewellery at the Oasis Shopping Center’s fashion jewellery stores.

Find original exclusive design pieces of costume jewellery at the best prices. Fine costume jewellery perfect as a gift or to wear and show off on any occasion.

Where to buy fine costume jewellery?

Specialised stores where you can buy varied items of exclusive fine jewellery, such as jewellery, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bands, rings, beads, pendants, chokers, stylish necklaces, accessories and an extensive catalogue of possible variations for all tastes and styles.
Jazz up your look with collection pieces of latest original accessory fashion trends, which will deliver that desired contrast to your style thanks to all the possible combinations offered by fine costume jewellery.

Costume jewellery and 925 sterling silver 25 as gifts

The best fine jewellery designs for giving original gifts which produce great excitement and enthusiasm.
Costume jewellery, in various materials such as 925 sterling silver, for giving fashionable and exclusive gifts to whomever you like and at the best prices, which you’ll find at the Oasis Shopping Center located at Avenida de las Américas.